Some simple steps to buy two wheeler insurance online


If you have a bike or scooter in India, you cannot ignore two wheeler insurance. Two wheeler insurance plans are legally mandated in India. So, you not only have to buy two wheeler insurance online but you also have to get your two wheeler insurance renewal done in time to be eligible for riding on the roads of India and stay protected from unexpected and unwanted financial losses.

Coverage of two wheeler insurance plans

In terms of coverage, there are chiefly two types of two wheeler insurance plans available in India. Two wheeler insurance online policies with third party liability coverage are a legal requirement in India. As the name suggests, this type of two wheeler insurance plans cover insured's liabilities to third parties and pay out monetary compensation in case of third party property damage, death and accidental physical injuries. But losses to the insured vehicles are not covered by this type of two wheeler insurance online policies. The other type of two wheeler insurance in India comes with comprehensive coverage which takes care of both third party liabilities and theft and damages to the insured two wheeler vehicles. Even though, comprehensive two wheeler insurance plans are optional in India and these two wheeler insurance plans cost higher than their liability only counterparts, it is strongly recommended that you go for it as it covers the hefty financial loss of bike-owners if and when their bikes get stolen or gets damaged due to natural perils and man-made disasters.

How to buy two wheeler insurance online?

Now that you are aware of the coverage of two wheeler insurance plans and have made your mind about which type of coverage to go for, the final task that remains is to buy two wheeler insurance online., Gone are the days, when bike-owners had to visit the brick and mortar office of their chosen insurers and go through extremely lengthy paperwork to procure two wheeler insurance in India. With the advent of internet, two wheeler insurance online policies have also come into existence. Now it takes just a few minutes to buy two wheeler insurance online. You can complete the entire process from any place and at any time. There are two ways of buying two wheeler insurance online.

Go to your chosen insurer's portal and make the purchase

Many bike-owners have a preference and they buy two wheeler insurance online from the portal of their chosen provider. You can also do the same by visiting the portal of your preferred provider and put in some basic details about your vehicle and yourself. Your insurer will calculate the two wheeler insurance premium that you have to pay online to complete the process of purchasing.

Visit a neutral portal

If you don't have a preferred provider, you should resort to neutral portals like GIBL.IN and compare two wheeler insurance online in terms of premium, features etc. This will help you pick the best two wheeler insurance policy that matches your budget and requirements perfectly.